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Front doors are often called the house business card. And so is the case. You have the first contact with them before leaving home and after returning. Actually, your guests will  have a contact with the door only. The doors have to respond to your needs, good taste and reliability. The doors are the most exposed part of the woodwork in your house. Safety, warmth and quietness depend on them. Below you will find a choice of our products, which, we are convinced, will match your taste.

The advantage of the  panel doors

The construction of the panel doors distinguishes them from other solutions. The application of aluninium profile framework provides rigidity, lightness and durability for years.  The polyurethane filling having a thickness of between 70 and 100 mm provides unique thermal and acoustic parameters, similar to the application of two- and three-chamber panes. 3mm thick aluminium panel door casing provides resistance to the elments, durability for many years without maintenance and above all, an unusually wide range of possible finishes and additional materials. The range of surface finishes extends from the full range of RAL palette colours and woodlike paints  to  stainless steel finish, glass and HPL foils.

The door panel

Multipoint Door Locks

The multipoint door lock is an effective, multipoint door security that becomes effective by  turning only one key! By engaging the espagnolette, the door becomes locked at many points. Espagnolette locks are a modern solution, particularly in the front doors. They are is hidden in the door leaf, combining elegant look with great functionality and high level of door security.

Multipoint Door Locks

Door hinges

Retractable door hinges

Surface-mounted door hinges

Cylindrical door hinges

Fingerprint reader

Computerized fingerprint scanners for decades mostly could be seen in spy movies. For the common bread-eater they were exotic devices, whose action was based on mysterious, top secret technologies. Today you can practically find them  anywhere. They are used as a safe access device not only in scientific laboratories and banks, but also in quite ordinary laptops or smartphones. They also find application in front doors.

Fingerprint reader