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Facade Blinds

Façade blinds are a modern elegant product fixed on the outside of the facade of the building. With a lightweight and simple design  they function perfectly in modern architecture, characterized by large glazed areas.
Façade blinds protect the interior of the building from excessive sunlight and improve the external appearance of the building. Mounted on large facades they act as an insulator that affects the appropriate distribution of temperature in a room and helps air conditioning to function properly - without overloading it.



- blacking out the external sides of windows and glass facades,
- smooth blind control (opening and closing) in the range of 90 ° and 180 °;a possibility of comfortable setting the    degree of light penetration into the interior of the building,
- reduction of noise
- lightweight and simple aluminium construction,
- easy installation,
- manual or automatic control,
- possibile integration with the automatic weather system
- high-performance coatings resistant to the elements.