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As a company existing since 1996 we have been confirmed in the conviction that the measure of success is knowledge and experience. We gained he knowledge in trainings and trade fairs and the experience over the years and many installations. We are not afraid of challenges and we track new trends and the changing standards of thermal insulation, both in  construction and window frames. As the only company in the area we have ​​graduated from The Academy of  Passive Construction and today we are practically and meritorically prepared to cooperate with you.

We work with the best: VEKA, Aluplast, Knellsen, Hanno Band... Our motto is the maxim of Confucius: "the essence of knowledge is that by having it you make use of it. " With the greatest pleasure we will share  this knowledge with you. The window is not only a building material. It is an essential and very important architectural element of your house.It  deserves attention and we are ready to devote  attention to it together with you.


Our offer is for everybody who cares about comfort, security and who respects energy. In view of the uncertainties regarding the cost of energy, it is worth thinking about future today. Today, we take care of the issues associated with it. Together we can find solutions that  minimize the cost of heating your home without losing functionality and the comfort of the windows. The direction which we have adopted gives us full belief that we will provide you with a window that will meet your expectations.

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For years, we have attached utmost importance to the quality of services and products offered. The first contact is very important for us; we get to know your needs and implement them together. The measure of our success are our installations, a small part of which we are proud  to present. We believe that the trust you bestowed upon us will make it possible to continue the cooperation with you and to get new customers. Our current activity can be followed on the company’s fan page: www.facebook/fentherm

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Together into the future. Today we give you the technology of tomorrow.

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