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The so-called three-layer "warm" installation

Warm installation has many advantages. First of all, it significantly reduces the energy costs and improves the microclimate of the room. What is it and what are its other advantages? Energy-efficient construction is nowadays a standard. In the case of the window hole the optimal operation designed to preserve energy efficiency is the warm installation of windows, which is gaining more and more popularity. The main route of heat escape from the room are gaps caused by a bad installation of windows. That's why window manufacturers organize specialized trainings in warm installation for their experts , which then are supported by many hours of practical classes. Thanks to a thoroughly trained and skilled team, warm installation will be executed in a proffesional way, causing even a twofold  reduction of heat loss, and, as a consequence, it will result in lower heating bills. Thanks to the warm installation the formation of unsightly and
dangerous to the health fungi and mold blooms can be avoided.

Warm installation is a stable and, above all, efficient way of sealing the places in which windows are fastened. In this process, a wide range of products are used. Warm installation specialists pay special attention to the perfect
insulation of the place where the window is in contact with the wall. This is necessary if we want to eliminate the so-called thermal bridges.


The objective of the system, therefore, is to:

1.       Secure properly for many years the connection of the window with the wall

2.       Reduce the occurrence of thermal bridges around the windows

3.       Improve the microclimate of the roomt

4.       Reduce the possibility of mildew around the windows.


Installation options:

- expansion tapes

- vapour permeable and impermeable foils

- the so-called “warm window sill”

- EPDM collar.


The choice of options depends on the standard of your house and the possibility of applying one of them. We will be happy to work with you to conduct an analysis of the possibilities and choose the appropriate option. Welcome to our office.

Window installed the traditional way

Window installed using a three-layer system

Thermo-window sill

Passive installation in the layer of insulationt

The installation of windows in a passive house is based on the installation of the windows in the layer of insulation, and not in the structural layer. So the window is extended beyond the edge of the wall and it is mounted on  special angle bars in the layer of insulation. Because of this, cooling of the construction layer (masonry) is avoided. In addition,  adequate tightness is ensured, so as to eliminate the flow of air and water vapour migration. The isotherms in the  window installed in the construction layand in the insulation layer:

The isotherms in the  window installed in the construction layand
in the insulation layer


The method of installation of windows in the layer of insulation:


– mounting brackets; our partner is Knelsen





















– installation of windows in thermoframes, an example might be MOWO, EMO systems




















The installation of windows in the layer of insulation, the so called passive,  depends on many factors. Each house has its own characteristics, and such a project as the installation in the layer of insulation requires cooperation. We are ready to undertake it and propose the best solutions.

Air-tightness test of the building -  Blower Door Test

Blower Door Test


Air tightness test is a very useful tool when building a house. It is not expensive but the knowledge after the test is very
useful. In addition to the thermal bridges, the biggest "enemy" of our buildings are air leaks: of the roof, walls and all connections of materials with a different structure. A good example can also be a window or even a wooden rafter connection with the wall etc.. It is estimated that heat losses resulting from air leaks are about 30% of the total losses. Without such a test you can not get the knowledge about the technical condition of the house you have built. Not a single energy efficient and passive house should be lived in, before such a test has been carried out. It gives you a chance to introduce improvements - fix  the house before it is completed. It’s worth it!

Why air tightness of the building is so importantt

The method of measuring pressure using a fant


The test consists in creating a pressure difference in a building or a room using a fan placed, for example, in the door and the measurement of air flow at different values ​​of the pressure / underpressure. The difference in pressure causes the air to flow through the leaks in the building’s envelope. The holes in the housing of the building can be  located  using an infrared camera, fogging and other proven methods.


Thermovision  method


Thermovision examination, or Thermovision,  is an effective and unrivaled dignostic method checking the air tightness of buildings. It involves a non-invasive measurement and analysis of the temperature distribution on the surface of the barriers. With thermograms, or infrared photographs, we are able to determine the adverse phenomena
in the building and their causes.


Thermal imaging detects:

– defects in insulation and thermal bridges of the barriers in the building

– barrier and window/door woodwork leaks, and it helps to check the proper way the widows and doors have been installed .

Thermal bridges

Thermal bridges are weak points of thermal insulation, which can lead to frosting or dampening of the spaces where they occur. In addition, the more thermal bridges, the more heat escapes from the interior of the house
on the outside, which in turn results in  higher energy costs. The best method for reducing the formation of thermal bridges is the application of three-layer assembly. The following picture shows  clear thermal bridges forming around the windows and on the edges of window panes.