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Outside shutters with their functionality are an integral part of modern construction technology. They are a perfect protection against the sun, wind, rain, snow and other atmospheric phenomena. They provide very good thermal insulation of the building, which, during summer time prevents  excessive solar radiation from getting inside rooms, and during  winter contributes to significant saving of thermal energy. Window shutters also increase the acoustic insulation, noticeably reducing noise levels in the rooms. The shutters provide privacy and significantly contribute to the feeling of household safety.


Types of external shutters

– On-window shutters – the casing made of PVC with the inspection cover located on the back or the bottom of the shutter’s box. The casing is mounted onto the window, and then both are mounted in the window bay. It is possible to carry out different variants of installation, including the total covering of the shutter. (for boxes having the inspection cover at the bottom). The on-window shutters can be applied in new buildings and during the modernization of existing buildings. The decision to use these shutters should be taken at the design stage or during window woodwork replacement


– Surface-mounted blinds - aluminium housing with an inspection cover located on the
front of the roller case. The box is mounted on the wall (without interfering in the light of the window) or in the window bay (interfering in the light of the window). There are no installation options. The surface-mounted shutters are used in new buildings and the modernization of existing buildings. The decision of their application can be taken at any time.


– Flush-mounted shutters - aluminum housing with the inspection cover located at the bottom of the shutter’s box. The box is mounted in front of the window in a properly prepared recess in the lintel. External installation is necessary. The flush-mounted roller shutters can only  be applied in new buildings. The decision to use this solution must be taken at the designing stage.


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